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Many reasons to visit Florence

Article | Florence Tours (August 9, 2017 8:57 pm)

Eat, Pray, Love in the Renaissance City
Florence it’s one of the most appreciated cities in the world. Every year, millions of tourists come to the city to see its magnificent art and its characteristic architecture, but if you believe that Florence it’s only this, you are wrong. Indeed, the touristic offer, recently, has been diversified to give a custom-made experience to each one.
So, there are many reasons to choose Florence for your next holiday.
Ok, culture it’s important, but it isn’t the only thing in a holiday! Florence offers also many spaces, like discos, bars and clubs, where find some fun and move your legs until late night. So, drink something and unleash yourself!
You don’t like discos or similar places? Perfect! Florence will also please you. Indeed, you will find many concerts around the city: from classical music (made by the musician of Maggio Musicale and others) to rock music and, why not, hip-hop!
In Florence you can eat and drink everywhere and at any time: many bars and typical restaurants are waiting you to delight your palate with high-quality food and great wines. A really wide range offer, so it’s impossible to try any dish, but you can do a tasting-tour to have no regrets.
Walk through Florence it’s the better way to appreciate whole city, its monuments and its architecture. But, if you want run (maybe to digest the T-Bone!), you can go in one of the many gardens of the city, where you could train yourself surrounded by trees, flowers and grass, where you will find also some exercise equipment.
If you like to play Golf, take a car and go the amazing field of Ugolino, in Chianti area, and enjoy!
Florence it’s surrounded by wonderful green hills. These are unique and full of poetry. Indeed, many directors have chosen them as location for their movies and commercials.
Piazzale Michelangelo it’s, surely, the most famous place where enjoy the city’s landscape, but not the only one. Discover other places and, later, tell me if you didn’t cry with happiness after these breath-taking views!