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Poker Cheating Devices

Article | Markedcards (May 10, 2019 4:46 am)

With the development of poker technology, there are many tricks applied in poker games. And poker cheating devices are becoming more and more welcomed by poker lovers. Here are some introductions about excellent poker cheating devices.Welcome to explore this website poker-cheating-device
One of the most popular poker cheating devices is infrared contact lenses, which is used to read invisible ink marked cards. These infrared contact lenses look like as same as cosmetic contact lenses. There are two types of infrared contact lenses. One is of bigger dyed area, which is one-to-one contact lenses. The other one is of smaller area, which is suitable for different colors pupils. For example, if you have beautiful blue eyes and after wearing this contact lenses, you eyes are still blue. By wearing this kind of lenses, you can read those invisible marking clearly. Moreover, luminous ink glasses are of the same function.
Here are other advanced poker cheating devices. Poker playing cards scanning camera, which is used to scan lateral barcode marked poker cards. In addition, poker analyzer and poker system, which are used to calculate bar-code marked playing cards. Different kinds of poker cheating devices are applied to read different invisible ink marked cards.
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