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Infrared Poker Camera

Article | markedcardspoker (April 10, 2019 8:18 am)

Do you want to cheat at the poker games without being suspected? Infrared poker camera can help you. What is infrared poker camera?
Infrared poker camera, also called as spy camera, which is a special lens only takes effect on IR poker. The invisible markings on the IR poker cannot be detected by infrared contact lenses or perspective glasses, not to mention the human's naked eyes. Hence using infrared poker camera and IR poker is more safe.
How to use the infrared poker camera?
The whole set of this system includes an infrared camera, a deck of IR poker, a monitor and a pair of mini wireless earpiece.
First of all, find a partner to cooperate with you.
Next, turn on the power of the infrared camera and put the IR poker on the table. Please adjust the appropriate scan range of the IR lens. Make sure it can scan the desktop clearly.
Then, your partner can see the number and suit reveal on the back of playing cards on the monitor as the IR lens has scanned the IR poker.
Finally, you can hear the detail information of playing cards through the earpiece.
It is very simple to manipulate, isn't it?
The IR lens can be installed into many objects, such as ceiling of the roof, the lamp, the smoke sensor, the clock, the picture on the wall... It is very difficult for other people to find that there is a spy camera inside them. What's more, the distance of scan camera can be customized as you required.
Most of the infrared poker cameras are chargeable, so you don't need to change the battery and there is no limited for using time.
With such an advanced cheating device, you will win the games without any difficulty.