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Marked cards for sale

Article | markedcardspoker (April 10, 2019 8:20 am)

Here are marked cards for sale with good quality.
Since the ancient times, people around the world have placed a great deal of importance on the winning of competition. Therefore, when the playing cards show up, the marked cards have kept in step with them and grown rapidly in popularity.
Our experienced professional technicians have printed the special invisible markings on the backside of playing cards by using the advanced machines. The ink we use is luminous invisible ink. All of this will prevent the markings from fading away. You will see the luminous number and suit on the cards when you wear the infrared contact lenses or perspective glasses. However, you cannot read the invisible markings with your naked eyes. With this advantages in the poker games, you will succeed easily. It is very safe because other players don't have a pair of special glasses. So they will never know that you can see through their playing cards. The operation of marked cards is very simple no matter for beginners or experienced one. You can play it well within 3 minutes.
There are many brand of playing cards can be processed, such as Modiano, Copag, Fournier, Bicycle, Bee, Aviator, KEM... You can choose your favorite brand. By the way, both plastic cards and paper cards can be printed with luminous ink.
These marked cards are applicable to most poker games, like Blackjack, Omaha and Texas Hold’em. Magicians also use them in the magic performance to make some interesting tricks.
Founded in 2002, our company has complete poker printed equipment and our products stand on the reasonable prices based on quality and short lead time. There is no doubt that we will provide you the top products and best services.