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Where to buy the Renaissance style of art at low cost?

Article | The Museum Outlet (June 18, 2019 10:50 am)

Renaissance art is a term used to describe the paintings, sculptures, and numerous works of art that defined the European historical period called the Renaissance.

The Renaissance emerged as a unique style in Italy during the 1400s, coinciding with other advances that areas like philosophy, science, music, and literature saw in this era.

The term "Renaissance" was coined by historians of the 1900s who saw the artistic style during this period as a rebirth of the art form.

Renaissance art was perceived as the most honored forms of the ancient customs, founded it the Classical antiquity art. It transformed that tradition with the addition of new advances in Northern European art and the application of contemporary scientific knowledge.

The leading style of the Renaissance was the Florence School of painting. Florence's emergence as a major mercantile center drove the development of their economy which, in turn, fueled the birth of the Florence school of painting and a new merchant class.

Along with Renaissance Humanist philosophy, Renaissance art worked its way through Europe, stunning patrons, and other artists with newer techniques and artistic sensibilities. Renaissance art was seen as the turning point from the medieval age to the Early Modern period for Europe.