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DirecTV - A Review

Article | TheTriplePlay (May 23, 2019 10:35 am)

It is a satellite service provider, which is a subsidiary of AT&T. It broadcasts satellite television network to all the 50 states across US.
Generally, the TV lovers prefer watching traditional TV channels rather than availing streaming services because of the affordable rates and existence of multiple packages suitable to the interests of various people.
It allows its television subscribers to pay a lesser cost during the first year, for the packages availed. This would help the customers to take a breathing time on entering the services. Let us take a look at a few features of It to know more about it.
DirecTV Packages and Prices
DirecTV serves people with varied interests including movies, sports, game shows, and other entertainment programs. Keeping into account its customers belonging to different age groups and interests, the It offers six packages, covering 325 channels.
The DirecTV packages include DirecTV Select, DirecTV Entertainment, DirecTV Choice, DirecTV Xtra, DirecTV Ultimate, and DirecTV Premier. It offers 155+ channels for Select, 160+ channels for Entertainment, 185+ channels for Choice, 235+ channels for Xtra, 250+ channels for Ultimate, and around 325 channels for Premier.
It requires a 2-year contract period. The channel costs are lower which varies between $35 and $110 per month for the first year and then increased to $78 to $181 per month for the second year.
Though there is a hike in price during the second year, the packages are worthy paying. The packages include all the popular channels watched in US. When you subscribe for any of these packages, you can be sure about having 100% entertainment at your doorstep.
Premium Channels
Premier Package of It includes all the premium channels like HBO, Starz, Cinemax, and Showtime.
As all the popular and premium channels are available at affordable prices, it would be worthy for the viewers to opt for the Premier package of It.
DirecTV for Sports Lovers
DirecTV offers its customers, a chance to view NFL Sunday Ticket. It comes free with Choice package. It gives you access to all live sports happening out there every Sunday.
There are a few sports packages available with It. They include NFL Sunday Ticket Max, It Sports Pack, MLB Extra innings, Fox Soccer Plus, NBA League Pass, and NHL Center Ice.
NFL Sunday Ticket Max allows you to watch channels like NFL Sunday Ticket, Red Zone Channel, and others. It Sports Pack includes ESPN classic, Universal Sports Network, and the like. MLB Extra Innings includes channels like MLB network and Mix Channels. Thus, these It packages are focused at serving the interests of sports lovers.
DirecTV for Movie Lovers
DirecTV offers HD channels, movies, and other entertainment programs. It offers a good picture quality, which many movie lovers prefer. The number of HD channels and channels which include movies and shows depend on the package you opt for.
DirecTV provides one Genie HD DVR receiver, when you subscribe. If you prefer using more than one, you get a monthly charge of $7 per receiver.
In spite of opting for satellite TV network subscription, sometimes you might miss out your favorite programs when you go out with your family or for functions.
But, with DVR option, It's Genie HD DVR allows you to record up to 5 shows. It can cover up to 200 hours of movies and shows. You can watch these favorite shows with your family later.
Bundle Options with AT&T
With It, you can also opt for bundle packages with AT&T or CenturyLink. These bundle packages have two main advantages.
One of the major advantages of bundle packages is that it is possible to save money. When the services opted in the bundle packages are subscribed separately, then the bills are likely to go high compared to the bundle packages.
The other advantage is that you have the ease of managing a single bill for the services subscribed.
Customer Service and the Quality of Service Offered
DirecTV offers a good customer service compared to the other competitors in the industry. Customer service representatives provide a quick response to your queries related to the It packages and cost.
The quality of service offered by It is also quite good. With It, you can expect for a reliable TV connection, except for certain cases of extremely bad weather conditions.
The representatives also provide all the information regarding the installation for the new customers. Installation of It subscription is done free of cost.
Both the customer service and installation service offered by It are professional and satisfactory, which makes it the most preferred one amongst the satellite TV providers.
Though its cost is slightly higher after the first year and has a lock-in for 2 years, no one would feel like terminating the service with It, as you can expect a reliable service all the year round.
Availability of wide range of packages allows you to choose the channels as per your interest. Since It is available in all the 50 states, it is easy to transfer the services to the place you move, if required.

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